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Fun requires fuel, and the cuisine from our award-winning culinary team comprised of a merry band of cooks, pastry chefs, and artisans provides plenty of it. Our hand-crafted, homegrown approach to food means we try to use ingredients grown on our own land, because if you want something done right, you do it yourself, right? It's no wonder that the readers of Monterey County Weekly honored Valley Kitchen as the "Best Restaurant in Carmel Valley" in 2018. We swear, even the Brussels sprouts taste better here!

Valley Kitchen

<p>Uncomplicated, unfussy and delicious. Valley Kitchen is a vibrant restaurant that embodies the homegrown values and light-hearted spirit of the Carmel Valley Ranch experience. Our chef’s culinary exploits—many involving honey, cheese, salts, eggs, fruits and vegetables from The Ranch’s organic garden—are on full display for heavenly breakfast, lunch and dinner creations. </p> <p>BREAKFAST 7:00AM - 11:00AM</p> <p>LUNCH 11:00AM - 3:00PM</p> <p>Dinner 5:00PM - 10:00PM</p>

Golf Clubhouse

<p>The casual Clubhouse Grill is a fresh take on the Golf Clubhouse scene, complete with crackling fire pits, conviviality and enough local ingredients to keep it grounded in the Carmel Valley. The expansive patio, with front row seats to the rolling fairways, is a favorite, whether you’re captivated by the game—or simply the view. </p> <p>7:30am - Member Coffee, Tea, Pastries</p> <p>6:30am - 6:30pm Pro Shop </p> <p>11:00pm - Lunch Service</p> <p>3:00pm - Happy Hour</p>

River Ranch Cafe

<p>Beyond the Ranch Favorites and farmstead-inspired fare, our rousing ranch-style dinners—featuring themes like Taco Tuesday or Wood-Fired Pizza Night on Fridays —are crowd favorites for hanging with your crew or fellow Ranch families. The Kids Corner menu of kidfavorite (and parent-approved) munchies with a twist aims to tame even the pickiest eaters. And yes, you can eat with your fingers</p> <p>Grab and Go 10:00am - 6:00pm</p> <p>Cafe 11:00am - 6:00pm</p>

Dine with us at The Ranch!